Recensie van Freya Aswynn


It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend this book by Vincent Ongkowidjojo. It has been a number of years ago that I met Vincent in cyberspace, when he signed on my correspondence course. Right from the start he immediately plugged into the Runic Mysteries delighting me and his fellow students on my list with his excellent Rune work. This is a very comprehensive book detailing Runic meanings and ways to work with the runes for ones own spiritual growth, Vincent synthesises, ancient Runic mysteries and modern spiritual practice in an harmonic system. Throughout the book there is a loving vibe towards the Runes and the Mysteries from which they derive. A number of linguistic observations and etymological origins of Runic names are described here previously unknown even to me, and add to the pool of Rune Might. This book could very well open a pathway into the Runes for those people who are interested and sensitive to their power.

Enjoy and learn.

Freya Aswynn, auteur van Northern Mysteries en Magick en Power and Principles of the Runes.