A Pathway to Asgard’s Secrets











In the pursuit of laying the solid foundations of an deeply esoteric runic system, it has been my endavour to discuss the main aspects of the Northern tradition in the scope of one book.


The book is called Secrets of Asgard, a reference to the Runes themselves, and contains discussions on each of the twenty four Elder Runes, the Aettir, the Aesir and Asynjur and the Nine Worlds. A theoretical part is followed by a practical part.


The book is blessed by a preface of Freya Aswynn and an introduction by David Beth (head of the Fraternitas Borealis).


To know more about the particular contents of the book, click here.


A smaller edition has earlier been published in Dutch. To know more about this book, click here.


A second book is called Doors of Valhalla, a reference to the doors of initiation on the universal path toward self-realization. The text is decidedly esoteric and draws from the works of Alice A. Bailey to interpret the Norse myths. To know more about this book, click here.


The building of these solid foundations would not have been able, had not someone laid the first stones before me. In much of my work I am sincerely indebted to Freya Aswynn. In writing this book, it has fully been my intention to build on her work. I refer here in particular to Northern Mysteries and Magic (earlier Leaves of Yggdrasil) and her Online Correspondence Course, which she still teaches.


To register for or inform about the Online Correspondence Course, please contact Freya Aswynn. A Dutch translation of the course is available, for which you can contact me.


Of course, apart from the above, many more books have influenced and/or are a qualitative addition to the pool of runic thinking. A shortlist follows.



  • Freya Aswynn, Northern Mysteries and Magic.
  • Kaedrich Olsen, Runes for Transformation.
  • Edred Thorsson, Futhark.


  • Alice Bailey, A Treatise on the Seven Rays.
  • Aleister Crowley, Magick.
  • Michael Bertiaux, Voudoun Gnostic Workbook.