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The Mead of Poetry

The Germanic mystery tradition depends heavily on the motif of the Sacred Mead.


The story of the Mead of Poetry is one of the most complex themes of Northern mythology. But as an initiatory motif it recurs in many different texts, myths, sagas, symbols and legends. Moreover, it finds its expression in the application of poetry for cultic and magical ends. And last but not least, the motif is strongly connected to the archetypal Quest of the Holy Grail.


The motif of the Sacred Mead centres on the interaction of the Hero with his Valkyrja. In this respect, the Hero symbolizes an individual whereas the Valkyrja represents the individual's anima. Their means of communication it nothing less than the Sacred Mead. By presenting the drinking horn of personal and collective wisdom the Valkyrja initiates the individual into soul-consciousness.


The myth is exemplified in the story of Odin and Gunnlod.


The Odinic Calling

As an intstrument of magic, poetry serves to connect the mind with the creative, associative, intuitive part of ourselves. Nonetheless, Germanic poetry is build on two 'rules'. These are the consistent use of alliteration and kennings. In particular kennings keep the initiate in tune with the mythic mind of the tradition.