A Pathway to Asgardís Secrets










       0.    Forword by Freya Aswynn


   00.     Introduction by David Beth


   000.            Dedication to Odin


      I.            Introduction


    II.            Through Niflheimís Mists Perceived

In which the history and context of the runic alphabet is discussed. Emphasis is laid on the Celtic link and the possible initiatory traditions from which the Futhark may have emerged. Additionally, the Gothic Alphabet is discussed in elucidating the reconstruction of the original Futhark. In particular, proof is given as to why the Futhark is a magical alphabet per se.


    III.            A Share of the Mead

In which all twenty four of the Elder Runes are discussed. Their literal meaning is given as also their meaning as a genuine Germanic kenning. Furthermore, the concepts that the rune names refer to are given historical and mythological context. Their symbolism is discussed.


      IV.            The Aettir

In which the aettir are discussed. The symbolism and meaning of the tripartite division is explained. Each aett in turn is discussed as also the related meanings of Runes within each aett.


    V.            From Urdís Well Rising

In which the mythological history and context of the Runes is narrated. Additionally, an interpretation of Sigrdrifumal 15-17 is given.


  VI.            The Angels of Asgard

In which many of the Aesir and Asynjur are introduced.


 VII.      The Nine Worlds

In which the symbolism and topography of the Nine Worlds is extensively discussed. A diagram of the Nine Worlds is proposed. The practical relation between Northern cosmography and seidr is given.


    VIII.            Ek Fahi Runoz

In which the enigmatic stanza 144 of Havamal is given an interpretation. The practical relation with talismanic magic is given.


      IX.            Objects of Power

In which the successful making of amulets is discussed.


    X.            I Am Odin

In which is touched upon the concept of galdr.


  XI.            Ancient Germanic Magical Formulae

In which the common magical formulae of Ancient Germanic bracteates are discussed.


XII.      Summoning the Seeress

In which the art of divination from the perspective of the Northern tradition is discussed. Additionally, a small piece on dreamwork and autosuggestion is presented.


XIII.      The Art of Wishing

In which the general principles of weaving magic are discussed. In addition, three separate rituals are included that can be practiced solitary, in pair or in group. These consist of Shaping your own Wyrd, a Runic Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual and a Chakra Working.


  XIV.            Do Ut Des

In which the practice of a personal way of worship from a Northern tradition perspective is discussed.


XV.      Beyond the Runes